Sms Marketing in Dubai

Get instant response to your offers or promotions. SMS marketing is the best instant response marketing tool which can give you instant results. We provide you with a web based control panel where in you can manage all your SMS campaigns. Send SMS with your company name or brand name or product name.

We guarantee 100% delivery in UAE

Mobile Marketing

Engage customers and ensure successful campaigns via Mobile Marketing

Use SMS Marketing to enhance your marketing coverage through informative messaging.SMS Marketing is the best way to send updated advertisements to a wider coverage of users, customers and potential patrons. Send new promotions and amazing offers as they happen. Update your target market by transmitting calendar event details directly to their mobile devices.Whatever your marketing target is SMS Marketing will be an effective aid and solution to your campaign.

Business Communications

Maximize SMS Marketing by using it as a frontline Business Communications Tool and ensure that staff members are knowledgeable of corporate information releases.Personal and private Organizational plans and schedules become easy to distribute through SMS Marketing. With the SMS Marketing system, your business or organization can easily sort transmitted SMS communications.

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Provide your organization, union, clubs and groups with various updates on initiatives, drives, causes or meetings without complications. Minimize the stress of mailing lists, contact lists and even flyers by using SMS Marketing as your primary medium of information dissemination.

Intelligent SMS Management

The Front end access of the SMS Marketing system can be used as a tool for viewing and reviewing SMS blasts. This serves well as a reminder and reference tool for customers, members or subscribers. While the back end access can be used as an effective management tool for editing and creating message blasts.

Nothing empowers potentially lucrative endeavors more than the ability to effectively and promptly disseminate information. With the convenience of SMS, the task of transmitting the most current details on any project or target becomes so much more accessible.SMS Marketing turns this convenience into a true advantage – at competitively beneficial rates.

Pros….Of….SMS Management

User friendly and efficient

Our SMS Manager is intuitive and easy to use. Sending single SMS takes just a few seconds. If you have a database of numbers to send the process takes only a few minutes from start to finish. It doesn’t matter whether your database contains a hundred or many thousands of numbers. Our application has more than two million mobile numbers with categorized data by Nationality, Area, Age, Income and Gender in UAE

No Software Requirements

No software to download or install. SMS Manager is totally web based, which means there is no software to crash your computer. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Custom Message Originator

You can use 11 character Alphanumeric Sender ID instead of mobile number. Use your company name as the sender if you do not need replies.

Manage SMS contacts

Save contacts, set up groups to manage your contacts. Send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

Upload facility

Import of your existing database of mobile numbers for sending immediately or to upload contacts to maintain online.

Two Way SMS

Receive replies to your SMS that can be view on your application

Send personalized SMS messages

Address the message recipients by name. Message personalization allows to easily include the person name and other details when sending to multiple numbers.

Multi User Accounts

Businesses can create subaccounts for employees or different departments.

Message history

History of all outgoing and incoming SMS to keep track of your marketing campaigns. Message history can be exported to Excel.

Manage SMS Contacts

Save contacts, set up groups to manage your contacts. Send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

Message Scheduling

Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times. Use our scheduler to send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates. You can’t get on your computer when that SMS campaign needs to be sent, no problems just schedule the message.

Delivery Tracking

Track whether a message has been received on arecipient’sphone. History of all outgoing and incoming SMS to keep track of your marketing campaigns. Message history can be exported.


If you require any assistance support is available by email or phone. We understand that using a new system can sometime be a bit daunting, new users are welcome to call us and we can talk you through the steps in sending out your SMS

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