Our Work process

Our process of crafting a beautifully designed website or a winning digital marketing strategy is at the very heart of our success. We, at California Media LLC, have put a lot of thought into coming up with a process that truly works and consistently delivers the results our clients seek. Whether its web design, SEO or any other service that we provide, having great human resource is only half of our secret sauce. The other half is in the process

We Listen


The moment you hit the chair, the coffee’s ready and we’re perched attentively, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, listening to what you want to do; our tablets are at the ready, waiting for you to breathe.


We keep listening, so we find out the size of your project, the speed and direction you want things to go in, and develop tactics so you know how big and how fast to go, as well as exactly where it is you’re going.

We Labour


We seek to know as much as we can about you, and short of employing private detectives, we take our knowledge of you and pour it into the creative mix. We blend your brand in the alchemical fires of our workshops.


And as we add each ingredient, you stand witness to the process. Each element we add in, we listen or your feedback. Too hot; too cold; just right. Even Goldilocks didn’t get this kind of service.

We Launch


Every part, we bend and stretch until the pixels squeak and your e-portal is hot enough to melt steel. We make sure that what you get works so well that you should only ever have an issue when someone spills coffee on the keyboard.


Hurl the paper plane out of the window and it’s subject to the winds and gravity. Imagine you could have someone running beneath it, flapping wildly so that it doesn’t drop, but keeps gliding on. That’s about what we do, only we’re unflappable.

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