How to Optimize your Marketing Efforts with Content Marketing!

No matter how effective your marketing strategy may be, it will only do little to keep your customers interested.

What’s ‘Content Marketing’ all about?


In today’s time, content has evolved to be the king for majority of brand’s marketing efforts. Be it B2C or B2B brands, all are now banking on quality content.

This is because internet has paved way for brands to talk directly to its audience and put their messages across.

Gone are the days of those boring commercials, continuous ranting or those annoying infomercials.

It is the time turn CONTENT SAVVY!

Why content marketing ?

  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • Customer loyalty/ retention
  • Lead generation
  • Websites, Microsites, and Online Communities
  • Upsell
  • Thought leadership
  • Edge over the others

Besides the above mentioned benefits,content marketing offers brands the advantage of owning the media over just renting it. By owning we mean brands can continuously create, curate or alter its messages to influence its audience or change the consumer behaviour too.It leaves the scope to experiment, allowing brands to be intellectually innovative and of course create the ‘WOW’ effect


Content marketing paves way for brands to tell their stories, create an emotional connect with its audience. This is very important from marketing perspective. It is no longer just about what is being said, but also how is it being told.

It is like bridging the gap between ‘Brand Image’ and ‘Brand Identity’

What does content marketing include ?

  • Blogs
  • Webcasts and Podcasts
  • Magazines/ e-books
  • Websites, Microsites, and Online Communities
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Mobile Apps and many more

Content simply informs or engages while content marketing is a combination of content along with the ability to drive profitable customer action. It is about engaging consumers with the goal oriented content contributing towards profit.


Content marketing can be treated as a huge kingdom with many elements to it. For instance, social media marketing, though there is a huge overlap between the two, content marketing heavily uses social media and social media banks on content to get the messages across on various platforms.

What separates content marketing is its longer forms of communication like blogs, website unlike that of social media where content is platform specific and short.

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