How to Create Successful Hospital Marketing Strategy

How to Create Successful Hospital Marketing Strategy

HealthCare Industryis becoming one of the most happening industries from last few years. In the TED panel every Company Is a Healthcare Company. In the age of digital media were people are curious about every bit of information on World Wide Web does not hesitate to search for prescribed medicines, diseases, cures, etc and also they share with their fellow people to create awareness.

Facts about on-line search regarding health resources:

  • More than 80 million adults use social media as health resource
  • 61% of adults search for health info online
  • 86% search for health-related info
  • 71% start patient research on search engines
  • 78% use online mediums for CME courses
  • 69% of tech buyers use social media, and it influences their buying decisions

This people are named as “Caregivers”. More of us are caring for a loved one with a serious health issue. Little Research recently reported that almost 40% of Americans are acting as caregivers, up from 30% in 2010.

Let’s discuss about Digital platforms which help caregivers take care of loved ones and themselves. Interestingly, almost all those searches – 79% – started at a search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo). Also Hospitals have gone social to reach potential local people and also to share and care about current medical emergencies. Due to Social media Adoption people are getting familiar to hospitals, they review, share, comment about services served in hospitals.

Due to social media adoption Hospital marketing emerged as a reputation management tools for hospitals

Hospitals are now connecting with their patients via social media, they make them aware, talk and also chat via video, images and medical quiz on social media. This all things not only help building their reputation but also they increase their word of mouth customer. Let’s Understand the customer life cycle for Hospitals and healthcare Industry.

Healthcare and Hospital Marketing: Customer Life – Cycle


It’s always responsibility and a strategy to feed your audience with relevant data on social media. When hospitals and Healthcare related pages share content which is emotional or informative the content due to which someone can warned or aware of any diseases or symptoms are noticed by followers and then they start following to that content regularly. Lets Discuss about Activities you can share on social media.

Activities Regarding Hospital Marketing:

  1. Video Marketing: it’s a powerful visual content strategy which helps to increase trust and also visual catalyst to followers.
  2. Image Marketing: Images are the medium of connection which really leaves impression on mind even people just scroll down.
  3. Event Marketing: You invite people for any good cause or you arrange an Event like marathon, blood donation camp or any fitness camp which relates with most problems with society people not only participate enthusiastically but also brag a lot about the event which is again plus point to hospital marketing.
  4. Medical Quiz: Quizzes are always most powerful conversation tools.
  5. Tip of the Day:Its reminder post which keep tickle everyone’s mind yes we are here to help you.
  6. Conversation Post:Kind of a post where a specialist is answering the queries of patient on social media.
  7. For Example: Calendar Events 🙁 Teachers Day, Women’s Day, Etc)
  8. Live Chat Events: Talk to Doctor for a while on free Sunday and let create an appointment.

Regularity of such content feed will increase the quantity of Caregivers. Caregivers will not only share this contents but also recommend hospitals and healthcare products. Also virtual value of hospital or healthcare product increases. Due to new changes in facebook fan page now people directly book hospitals. We people know that to create such content and maintain it on regular basis is not an easy task. So we are here to take care of your business. Kindly share your views and ideas on this activities you also share some new majestic ideas too.

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