Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ activation for Paris attack

Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ activation for Paris attack

However, some questioned why the social networking giant hadn’t also activated Safety Check following two suicide bombings in a busy Beirut shopping street a day earlier that killed at least 43 people.

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As Paris suffered multiple terror attacks Friday night in which at least 129 people died, Facebook took the decision to activate its “Safety Check” feature, a tool launched last year to help people caught in a crisis let others know they’re safe.

With more than four million Facebook members using the tool over the weekend to mark themselves as safe, and some 360 million notifications automatically sent out to let others know their loved ones were unharmed in the terror incident, Safety Check clearly showed its worth in the hours following the attack.

However, some questioned why the social networking giant hadn’t also activated Safety Check following two suicide bombings in a busy Beirut shopping street a day earlier that killed at least 43 people.

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The concerns were addressed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in a message posted over the weekend.

The CEO said many people had “rightfully asked” why it’d turned on Safety Check for the Paris attacks but not for the Beirut bombings, explaining that until the incident in France, company policy had been to activate it only for natural disasters.

He wrote: “You are right that there are many other important conflicts in the world. We care about all people equally, and we will work hard to help people suffering in as many of these situations as we can.”

Zuckerberg said that after reviewing the situation, the company had now changed the policy and would activate Safety Check for “more human disasters” from hereon in.

In another post expanding on Zuckerberg’s message, Facebook executive Alex Schultz said the company was “learning to make the tool and policies behind it better as we go — and because Safety Check is a relatively new feature for us, we’re still understanding how it can best be used and in what instances.”

The executive said the company decided to activate the feature during the Paris attack “because we observed a lot of activity on Facebook as the events were unfolding. In the middle of a complex, uncertain situation affecting many people, Facebook became a place where people were sharing information and looking to understand the condition of their loved ones.”

The site also faced accusations of selective solidarity after it launched a French flag filter for profile shots, prompting one user with a graphic design background to offer a solution.

The One Biggest Red Flag When Choosing an SEO Agency

The One Biggest Red Flag When Choosing an SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO Agency can be difficult, especially because there are so many agencies out there that give the industry a bad name.

An ethical agency uses SEO techniques that are accepted and advised by search engines such as Google. Agencies using spammy techniques such as over optimising websites could put your business at risk of being penalised by Google. With this in mind, when choosing an SEO agency, it’s important to look out for certain warning signs…


Nobody Should Promise Position #1 on Google

  • You should not trust an SEO agency that promises to get you to “position 1″ of Google. Google’s SEO Guidelines state that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” As this is coming directly from Google, it is strongly advised that you do not choose an agency that claims they can achieve this!
  • Some agencies might promise to get you to the top of Google in a short amount of time. Improving visibility in search results will take time, as there are a lot of different factors that are taken into account by search engines, and there is no way of guaranteeing results in any given time period.
  • Search engine results are ambiguous. When searching a query at different locations the results can change, and this should be made clear by any respectable agency. Users with Google accounts will also get personalised results.
  • Appearing first in a search engine does not reflect the overall performance of a business’s success online. Factors such as conversions and ROI are more important than rankings. If the traffic generated from Google isn’t converting into leads or sales, then your SEO agency isn’t targeting the right keywords.

An Ethical SEO Agency Should Be:

Trustworthy – An agency should deliver what they have promised. They should also not be afraid to admit if they have made a mistake.

A simple step to understand who could potentially be managing your SEO is to look the company up on LinkedIn. Here you can check for personal recommendations on the consultant you have been assigned, and get a feel for the size of the company.


Helpful – An ethical SEO agency will go out of the way to delight customers.

A list of questions should be sent to you prior to the initial meeting. This shows that they are trying to understand your business and its priorities. This is also an opportunity for you to ask the agency questions and gauge their knowledge and experience.

Professional – The use of Twitter is key for SEO professionals.

When researching potential SEO agencies it is useful to assess whether the team members are active on Twitter, and also who members of staff at your potential agency follow on Twitter. This will demonstrate that they are keeping up to date with industry trends.

Five Significant Components of Digital Marketing

Five Significant Components of Digital Marketing

In order to cope with increasing competition, companies across the world focus on digital marketing. It is undeniable fact that merely a website or an app is not sufficient for achieving a strong digital footprint.

Before moving further, let’s have some interesting facts:

  • Approximately 70% of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers (HubSpot)
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines (Optimind)
  • Americans spend 4x more time on mobile devices as compared to newspapers and magazines (Percolate)
  • Using videos on home pages can increase conversions by 86% (Optimind)

Such facts reflect the importance of digital marketing for the businesses.

Digital marketing strategy is essential to serve the following purposes:

  • Acquisition of new clients
  • Brand visibility, recognition, and loyalty
  • Revenue generation


Without achieving objectives mentioned above, online marketing campaign cannot be considered as successful. Now, the question arises, which elements are necessary for effective and efficient digital marketing campaign that serves all the objectives? Following list is an answer to the question:

  1. Consider mobiles: Thanks to the latest mobile technology, iPhone’s new versions, and budget range of smartphones; sales figures of smartphones grossly overtake PC sales figures in 2014. Today, every aspect of online marketing campaign hovering around smart devices users.
  2. Organic search: Out of varieties of methods for finding information, search engine results method enjoys a dominant position. Proper optimization of a website helps the search engines identify the type of site and its relation to users’ requirements. Solid organic search strategy improves the visibility of sites within the search engines and helps drive more traffic to that site.
  3. Content marketing:Content is an important driving force. Fresh and relevant content through blogs increase site visitors and user engagement. Eventually, both will result in higher conversions. Proper content marketing strategy helps entrepreneurs establish their identity over the net.
  4. Social media:Companies cannot ignore social media platform for brand building and brand recognition. Social media marketing acts as a powerful tool for exchanging information and distributing content about the products and services. It provides an opportunity to connect and interact with both prospective and existing customers along with other people.
  5. Email:Email marketing strategy helps enterprises increase ROI. A survey shows that over 65% of consumers make a purchase under influence of a well-planned email campaign. The only thing here also to keep in mind that emails should be mobile-ready.
Over Half of Internet Users Over 65 Use Facebook

Over Half of Internet Users Over 65 Use Facebook

The trends have been pointing to older generations jumping on Facebook for a while. Now, the latest numbers from Pew show that over half of internet users over 65 use Facebook.

Overall, Facebook’s growth slowed but engagement levels increased. On other networks such as Twitter and Pinterest, the number of users rose more dramatically but engagement decreased. While some say this is due to fatigue and accounts going dormant, we speculate that the users are getting more efficient at using the networks. The can be seen in the dramatic rise of adults using multiple networks – 52% in 2014 versus 42% the year before.


The most important finding of the study surrounds the rise in Facebook engagement. 70% of users access the site daily. That’s huge. That means that once Facebook gets its hooks into users, they tend to crave it in much the same way that people watch television daily. This is a sharp contrast to recent speculation that Facebook is suffering from being antiquated and too “uncool” for younger users.

That may be the case, but as they get older and are forced to expand their social circles through work and adult groups, it’s likely that they will be forced to come back to the “old person’s social network” if they want to engage with their adult peers.

There are definitely some gems in the exhaustive study, but overall it’s not really anything new. Facebook is huge. We knew that already.

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